Wednesday, 31 December 2008

A first UK Libertarian Party New Year

As 2008 draws to a close, I take pride in being able to offer the first New Years message from the Libertarian Party.
This is the first year that the Libertarian Party in the UK has been in operation, having launched itself into the public arena on the 1st January 2008. During this year we have purposely kept our size and numbers close to our chest as the party has steadily grown in strength and members throughout the year, not least because we did not wish to alarm those in the established mainstream parties as to the groundswell of public opinion that has quietly risen and is eagerly awaiting news of a general election.
2008 has seen yet more civil and personal liberties being swept away under the relentless tide of new and draconian laws, ever changing by stealth using the statutory instruments that add meat to the legal frameworks that are rarely discussed in our parliament. One by one our rights are ever diminished, slice by slice we succumb to the corporatist money making machine that is backed up by legislative protection, enforced by a continuing expansion of a privatised policing structure headed by the ACPO, ever tightening their authoritarian grip over the everyday lives of the public.
If we were to look back just 10 years, it would have been difficult to imagine a United Kingdom in such disarray, in such financial trouble, with such elitist authoritarian aims of its politicians, but that is indeed where we stand today.
As I look forward to the New Year, I like most others wonder what 2009 will bring. It is clear that it will become much worse before it gets any better, both in political and financial terms, as mass unemployment, financial hardship, bankruptcy, evictions and mass criminalisation of the population takes its toll, and where there is no let up on the volume of new statutes and SI's increasing our daily financial burden.
The mass of regulation imposed by the EU, rubber stamped by Westminster is also increasing, making UK business and industry less and less competitive in the wider world, as taxes of one sort or another increase the financial strain for business to survive and keep employment levels stable. With Sterling now at parity with the Euro and the National Debt increasing on a daily basis beyond all records, the UK economy is inexorably being driven into the ground.
At what stage the Government will dare to go to the country is anyone's guess, and whilst it is fairly certain that the current Government will be swept from power at any free election, there is still uncertainty as to who will be best placed to serve the real interests of the nation overall.
In this new corporatist world, we can see little difference between any of the 3 major parties, other than the colour of their rosettes, and none have promised to roll back any more than some of the icing on the legislative nightmare that has befallen us all.
The Libertarian Party in that respect promises to be very different, to be bold and to be true to the people of this country, promising to undertake a programme of repeal, to undo the wrongs which have been done during the past 10 years and more, and to make the UK proud of itself and its people again.
As we now move into 2009, we in the Libertarian Party feel that we have done the groundwork, we have put together our policy framework, and we have established a working, functioning party structure which is now ready for the rigours of representing the public in Central and Local government.
Amongst the 80 million who now live in the UK, we are sure that there are 646 honest people who are more capable of governing this country than those  handful of elitists who believe they have a right to rule over us, that there are many ordinary people out there who would like to replace them and do what is right for this country.
The first step is to understand that today the UK is no longer governed, it is ruled. One of our primary tasks will be to rein Government back to its simple role of governance, for and on behalf of the people.
The Libertarian Party would like to give you the opportunity to stand as a Prospective Parliamentary Candidate if you feel that you have what it takes to govern. Perhaps you have been a local councillor, a business leader, a butcher, a baker or even a candlestick maker. If you feel that you can make a positive difference to the way that this country is run, then let me know.
How different would we be? Well, from day 1 we would expect anyone elected as a Libertarian MP to fund their own pension plan from their generous salary, not to sponge from the taxpayer with gold plated provisions. We would expect a Libertarian MP to furnish and maintain their own London accommodation, not to sponge from the taxpayer and we would expect a Libertarian MP to take their role seriously, and that means no second job that will detract from their responsibilities as MP's. It would of course be necessary to cover legitimate and reasonable expenses, however the abuses of recent years will be halted
That's just for starters, but if you think you can live with those rules and would like to become a Libertarian PPC, then let me know. If you would like to stand as a Libertarian Candidate at local elections, let me know so that I can put you in touch with the LPUK lead in your area.
I am looking forward to 2009, because I know that the Libertarian Party has a lot to offer the people of the UK, and its time to give the establishment a wake up call they will never forget, through the ballot box.
May I conclude by wishing everyone, of whatever political hue you may be, a very Happy New Year, and may 2009 be as prosperous as this Government permits.
Ian Parker-Joseph
Party Leader - Libertarian Party UK


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