Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Across Europe little interest in EU elections

There appears to be little interest in the EU elections, not only here in the UK but right across the European empire. It seems that people will be rejecting the validity of the EU and voting with their feet and going to the pub instead of the polling booths.

Only 34 percent of the 500 million European Union citizens say they will vote in the European parliament elections on June 4-7, a survey suggests.

Belgians topped the list with 70 percent saying they would probably vote, while Poles were at the bottom with just 13 percent, according to the Eurobarometer poll. The figure for Belgium was still low though, considering the EU is the largest employer in Belgium and the country has compulsory voting with people who fail to turn up to polling booths risking a fine.

In the Netherlands, 39 percent of those eligible to vote turned out in 2004. However, in June of 2006, 63 percent voted in a referendum on the European constitution, which was then rejected by 61.6 percent of Dutch voters.

The only time that voters have come out in strength in any EU member state has been to reject the Constitution at a time when referendums were still allowed.

In Britain, 30 percent of respondents said they would definitely not vote - far more than in other EU member state.

In the June elections, 750 members of the European parliament will be elected by proportional representation to represent some 500 million EU citizens.

The vote is being billed by the EU as the largest trans-national election in history, the reality however will be that it is likely to be the largest trans-national failure in history.

The Libertarian Party will not be standing any candidates in the EU parliamentary elections, it will not give that validity to imposed political union without a referendum of the British people.

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JonyGee said...

Britain had a referendum in 1975. No need for another one. The three main parties quite rightly support continuing membership. Clearly,no chance that EM Libertarians will be standing candidates any time soon.